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17th January 2020

Hello Buddies! Hope that you’re all okay and that you’ve had an excellent Christmas & New Year. We just thought that as it’s the new year we would come on and give you some news!

Firstly, The Tremeloes have a brand-new Facebook Page which you can check out here and via the social links at the bottom of this page (and every page). As the year goes on, we are going to have lots of exclusive content posted on the page, so please keep an eye out!

In other news, a new Tremeloes 3 CD Set has been released by Demon Music Group. “The Tremeloes Gold” is a new 3CD set which features 45 tracks spanning their career from 1966 into the early 1980s. The CD Includes the hit single ‘Here Comes My Baby’ and the worldwide #1 ‘Silence Is Golden’ and is “the only compilation you will ever need”.

This gorgeous collection is also available as a 12-track gold coloured vinyl. You can order both items online via Amazon by clicking here and you can see a video trailer of the CD by clicking here.

We would also like to give a special thank you to Lidia Pini and all of the team at Demon Music Group for making this happen. We’re all very sure that you will absolutely love this special new CD.

On another note, and we’re sure most of you must know by now, but this year we will be appearing on the 40-Date Sixties Gold Tour 2020 along with Herman’s Hermits, The Merseybeats, The Marmalade, Dave Berry, Gerry’s Pacemakers & The Mamas & Papas UK. The tour will also be joined by Barry Ryan, who will be completing the first half of the tour, and then Steve Ellis, who will be completing the second half of the tour.

SIxties Gold Tour 2020 - Barry Ryan
Sixties Gold Tour 2020 - Steve Ellis

Altogether this is one of the biggest tours we’ve done and we really hope you can come along. Tickets are already selling out rather fast, but in the next two weeks, Young Jack will be getting up all the information on the website as to where you can get your tickets. Right now, though, please see the date sheet here.

We truly can’t wait for all that’s to come this year, and we also can’t wait to see you along the way.

Take care and look after yourselves, all, and we’ll catch up with you very soon! Over & out!

30th August 2019

Hello Buddies & Tremeloes Friends alike! Hope that you’re all keeping well and that you’ve enjoyed the nice weather! I’ve just popped in to see how you all are and give you a couple of little updates.


Firstly to the biggest news. The boys are back in town and Silence is no longer golden, for, yes, you guessed it, the boys have some new gigs in, and even better than that... They’re going on tour!


Introducing the “All Star 60’s Tour”. It’s 5 gigs to start with but we’re hoping that more will be added soon. We don’t have any posters as yet but keep an eye out, as the minute anything gets announced, you’ll be the first to know! For now though, please click here to check out the Tour Dates page to find out more!


The other news is that this month we were in “The Beat” Magazine. Richard was lucky enough to be Interviewed by David Parker. Please click here to view the article. It’s definitely worth the read. And we have to thank Brian Poole for contributions to the article and David Parker for conducting the interview. We hope you enjoy reading it.


We also want to mention our dear friend Ian Gibbons (most notably Keyboards & Backing Vocals for The Kinks) who very sadly passed away on the 1st of August 2019 aged just 67. We send our love to Gibbo’s family at this very difficult time.


That’s it for now, but we hope to bring some more news to you very, very soon! Stay well, stay happy, and keep talking everything Tremeloes! Over & Out, all!

3rd August 2019

Hello Ladies & Gentleman and welcome to the brand new Tremeloes website. As your webmaster it is my job to bring to you the latest news and gossip. Make sure you check back to the website regularly because this will be the first place to come for updates!

Of course, one of the biggest updates is that we had our first gig with the newest lineup of The Tremeloes featuring Chip Hawkes, Rick Westwood, Mick Clarke, Jodie Hawkes & Richard Marsh.


The gig was at Bexhill-On-Sea for the “Bexhill 60’s Revolution”. I actually went along, and I cannot tell you enough how much of a fantastic day it really was. The boys were on top form, and the audience of 15,000 were all up on their feet.

We were also treated to fantastic performances from The Counterfeit Stones & Beatles For Sale and many more acts. There were also many other attractions there including the car from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” as well as Clive “The Dalek”.


There’s lots of pictures of The Tremeloes which you can find here and we have to say a massive thank you to Cathy Saxon for taking the excellent pictures. There was also a fantastic video put together by the lovely people of RawFrame Media, and I invite you to check that out here.

Other than that I think that’s about it from us. It’s time for us to skedaddle or as The Animals would say “We’ve gotta get out of this place.” Like I said, please keep an eye out and we’ll catch up with you really soon. Take care all!