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Biography written by Chip Hawkes.


The story of The Tremeloes is as follows. Recording wise, after many hits and some amazing times, we parted company with Brian Poole in 1965. Brian was offered a contract with CBS as a solo artist, they wanted to record him with a big band (Brass, Violins, etc), which left us without a contract. We still backed him on live performances, though. We gave him our blessing because to be honest, we couldn’t blame him, we would have done the same thing!


As it happens, it was the best thing that could have happened to us, because it got Alan Blakley and I off our bums and so we went into London to find a song to record without Brian. We only had about one hundred pounds of group money so it had to be a cheap studio. We found a small publishing company that had Cat Stevens signed as a writer - he wasn’t known at the time. I remember thinking “What a strange name!!”, although when he played us “Here Comes My Baby”, we were very impressed! We recorded it the next week and CBS signed us up to release it, just to keep us and Brian happy. Radio Caroline & Radio London loved it and played it all the time. We parted company with Brian’s blessing before it was a hit. “Here Comes My Baby” went into the charts not long after and as it happens was a very big worldwide hit - we were on our way!

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The hits kept on coming for the next seven years, and we were on tour all over the world for most of that time. We broke up in 1974 for five years, we were still good friends, it was just that we had all had enough. I took my family to Nashville and recorded for RCA. My solo career didn’t do too well so we reformed in 1979 and went back on the road again. Our hits dried up but we were very popular on the live circuit, playing about five nights a week, it was a great time in our career because by then we had nothing to prove and we all enjoyed playing live so much. We made friends with so many fans and I am still in contact with most of them today.


Unfortunately, Alan Blakley passed away in 1996 and Dave Munden had to retire from the band last year due to ill health. Rick Westwood and I are still on the road and making up the rest of the band is Mick Clarke (Original Brian Poole & The Tremeloes), my son, Jodie, and Richard Marsh who is a very good friend of mine and has toured with me for the past 25 years.


We still have the best time playing live. I really hope it continues forever and that you continue to follow us on our journey. Long may it reign! Chip Hawkes. X